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    Light to Moderate Showers                  
      Posted at: Friday, January 30, 2015 8:39:26 AM

                                      Image courtesy of: NWS in San Diego 

     From: NWS in San Diego

     Radar image as of 8 am this morning showing light to locally
     moderate showers and over southern California. These showers
     will continue over the forecast area through the evening.

    Weather trends             
    into next week                 
      Posted at: Friday, January 30, 2015 10:23:31 AM 


                                         Satellite Imagery: WATER VAPOR 

        From: NWS in Oxnard/Los Angeles        

        A trough of low pressure will bring moist northeast flow into the
        southern portion of the forecast area... with light rain showers
        possible. Weak offshore winds will increase by Saturday night
        through Sunday morning. High pressure will bring warmer temperatures
        and mostly clear skies over the weekend and into next week.

    On this day             
    January 30th, 1916 
      Posted at: Friday, January 30, 2015 3:27:18 AM    
                                     Photo: Off the San Diego County coast  

      Heavy rain that began on 1/25/1916 and ended on this day
      exacerbated the
flooding earlier in the month. Monthly rainfall totals
      for 1/1916 ranged from 7.56
inches at San Diego to 57.91 inches at
      Dorman’s Ranch (in the San Bernardino
Mountains, 2,500 feet elev.).
      Five inches fell in less than 12 hours in San Diego.
Extensive flooding
      occurred all over Southern California, the worst to date and it
      in 28 total deaths in the region, 22 in San Diego County. This is the
destructive and deadly weather event in San Diego County
      History. The Lower
Otay Dam broke sending a 40-foot wall of water
      downstream, killing 15. A few
others drowned in Mission Valley and in
      the San Luis Rey River. The Sweetwater
Dam also broke. Every large
      bridge in San Diego County but one was seriously
damaged or
      destroyed. Four drowned in Orange County, two in a cottage floating
      down the Santa Ana River. Two drowned in San Bernardino County.
      Total damage
was nearly $8 million (1916 dollars).

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